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Network infrastructure supports operations, connection, and productivity. It delivers applications for voice, video, and data traffic and is key to the success of education and government customers. As more solutions become networkable and more applications are available online network design becomes more important. Convergent networks meet these demands and are ready to scale to meet future needs. The Ednetics team builds wired and wireless network infrastructures designed to customer requirements. Dedicated, industry-certified experts help customers design solutions to deliver maximum value for investment.

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Stay safe. Ready and secure.

Security is integral to successful network design. The Ednetics network teams pays special attention to features that can counteract security threats including malware, viruses, and unauthorized access. Industry-standard authentication protocols and firewall systems increase network integrity while delivering availability to users. Network security features can be configured to provide access across different users, roles, devices, and applications.

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Resilient, scalable, and fast.

A well designed network lets users share applications and data across the enterprise. This creates efficiencies and delivers maximum return on investment. Careful attention to network architecture delivers optimal performance. The Ednetics Network team brings industry certification and expertise combined with a strong commitment to customer service. Expert design ensures that Ednetics network infrastructures are resilient, scalable, and fast. Add users, devices, applications and coverage areas without having to redesign the entire network. Monitor bandwidth consumption to prioritize mission-critical traffic. Identify potential bottlenecks before they affect performance. Ednetics deploys network infrastructures that simplify administration and deliver performance. The result is greater efficiency and lower operational costs.


Smart, flexible switching and routing.

Ednetics designs switching systems that give you the power to manage, administer, and secure your enterprise’s network. High-performance switches and routers support application and information sharing, speed access to critical information, and help contain operating expenses. These solutions also provide end-to-end security and policy-based access control to increase data and user protection.

Uninterrupted mobility.

Ednetics wireless network solutions utilize high-performance Cisco and Cisco-Meraki technologies to deliver fast, secure, and reliable wireless. Roam at will without experiencing service interruptions or time-consuming re-authentication. Experience greater access and more mobility across the enterprise, regardless of size. Wireless solutions employ security features including 802.1X authentication and advanced threat detection that provide high security without compromising the flexibility needed for BYOD and 1:1 environments.