Ednetics Managed Services

Driven by dedication to customer success. Refined by continuous testing and improvement.


Our best.

Ednetics Managed Services embody the best of what we have learned over the life of our practice. Ednetics has partnered with Cisco and leading manufacturers to deliver innovative, enterprise-grade solutions combined with award winning customer care. The result is a suite of services that offers superior performance, predictable pricing, and optimal flexibility for the user. Applications, hardware, and software are carefully lab tested to guarantee compatibility and interoperability. The Ednetics team continually evaluates emerging technologies to find new functions and opportunities that will benefit our customers. This focus on adapting innovative technology to our customers’ needs has delivered exciting results.

Integration Ready.

Ednetics managed services are designed for integration. Each service is designed to be a standout product in its own class and to operate seamlessly with other services. Ednetics Connect, Network, Voice, and Protect were developed to work together from the start.

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