Ednetics Protect

  • Door access control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Mobile video monitoring
  • Rugged IP cameras
  • Emergency Notification

Protect what matters.

Ednetics Protect delivers increased visibility and awareness for greater security. Access control, video surveillance, and emergency broadcast are key elements of facilities security. Protect integrates these and other innovative features into a single smart system. Ednetics Protect provides more information and tighter control, increasing safety for people and property.


Video Surveillance

Administrators and authorized personnel can monitor an entire district with Ednetics Protect video surveillance. Ednetics Protect uses rugged, high-resolution PoE digital cameras that deliver clear image quality and reliable performance. Discourage bullying and vandalism in problem areas with increased visibility. Use video surveillance to identify issues quickly, improve accountability, and promote a positive school culture.

Identify security issues from your desktop, tablet, or even a smartphone. Monitor multiple cameras simultaneously, zoom in on locations of interest, and review hours of footage quickly and easily through an intuitive video management interface. Authorized personnel have greater flexibility when video monitoring can be done anywhere.


Emergency Notification

Deliver mass notification services through Ednetics Protect. Broadcast important audio or text messages through speakers, phones, digital signs, or mobile devices. Send live or pre-configured audio and text messages. Send notifications and critical instructions to recipients with just a few steps.

Building Access Control

Limit and monitor who enters a facility with Ednetics Protect access control. Tailor access by user identity and role, day and time of entry, and other criteria. Grant entry privileges without being physically present using the access control interface. Key-card and numeric keypad systems provide access data by user and time of entry. Quickly lock doors on all or part of the system in the event of a lockdown.

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