Ednetics Network

  • Proactive network support
  • Network configuration backup
  • Network documentation and management
  • Equipment lifecycle management
  • Equipment procurement and provisioning

Network with less work.

Ednetics Network is a fully managed IT network that delivers a combination of passive and proactive support services with options for equipment procurement and network services provisioning.


Fully managed

Ednetics Network is a fully managed IT service that delivers premium support combined with a flexible equipment program. Share common resources and applications more efficiently. Take advantage of proactive, round-the-clock network monitoring and support. Concentrate on core missions rather than day-to-day network administration. Ednetics Network offers flexible equipment ownership options: use your existing supportable equipment, newly purchased components, or a combination of both. Or, let Ednetics handle equipment provision and lease your equipment instead. All Ednetics Network versions provide the same level of support.


Ednetics Networks are designed to deliver enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and availability no matter the size of the project. Ednetics Network solutions are purpose-built for K12 environments and are based on industry best practices. Careful network design results in a system that’s stable, manageable, and scalable. Add users, devices, and applications without having to reconfigure your network.


Fully Supported

Whether you choose to provide your own equipment or to lease it from Ednetics, all systems are backed by the award-winning Ednetics Network team. Get continuity, deep expertise, and the highest level of Ednetics support.

Simplified E-rate Filing

Ednetics Network simplifies E-rate paperwork and invoicing. Customers will receive invoices for services, support, and network upgrades as a single part number on a cost per student basis, regardless of the size of the network.


Network security is an integral part of the design process. Ednetics Networks use industry best practices to protect users from malware, viruses, data theft, and unauthorized access.

Costs and Funding Assistance

Optimize funding opportunities. Ednetics works closely with districts to find the right network configuration and equipment ownership options to get the most network performance for your budget. And because Ednetics managed networks are a service rather than equipment expenditure, users can allocate costs based on a per-student structure and still put network investment where it’s needed most. Cost is distributed over the life of a 5-year contract, which keeps initial costs low.

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