About Ednetics

Since its founding in 1997, Ednetics has been dedicated to bringing the best technology solutions to the educational and public sector communities. Technology’s evolution has created exciting opportunities. Video surveillance and IP-based access control have enhanced school safety; more powerful networks now bring wireless connectivity to every classroom. Separate, stand-alone systems are now being unified on the converged IP network. We have been working to adapt these important developments to the unique demands of K12, higher education, and public sector environments.

Ednetics brings innovative, industry-leading technology solutions to education and government. We work closely with our customers to deliver systems and services that reflect the specific needs of each environment. Our years of working with education and the public sector give us a unique understanding of how the right technology can help these organizations achieve their missions.

Why We Do It

Our mission is to provide technology solutions that give our clients maximum value. We help our customers to deliver high-quality services through advanced technology and sustainable IT practices. We are committed to supporting innovation and improvement in education and the public sector through the intelligent use of technology. We work closely with our clients and partners to ensure that our solutions reflect their priorities and environment. We combine our passion for technology and service with a commitment to the success of our clients’ core missions.


We believe that our success comes from combining excellent customer service, leadership in the information technology field, and the depth of our team’s expertise. We also recognize that a culture of inclusiveness and mutual respect leads to powerful teams — our diverse backgrounds and talents are at the core of our organization’s success.

Our Partners

Ednetics has partnered with some of the largest, most innovative and respected companies in the industry to bring superior technology solutions to the education community. These partnerships let us combine enterprise-quality hardware and software with our extensive knowledge of the educational and government environments. The result is superior service and performance that provide lasting value.

Arecont Vision
Cisco Meraki

Partner Spotlight


Ednetics has partnered with Coeur d’Alene-based Fatbeam to bring fiber optic wide area networks to our customers throughout the Northwest. Fatbeam specializes in both lit and dark fiber to bring high speed WAN connectivity to schools and municipalities. Fatbeam’s services have brought high performance fiber networks to rural school districts and have also benefitted other organizations in those districts like hospitals, banks, and credit unions that have been able to tap into these networks.